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GPS Tracking

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What is GPS Tracking and why choose Smart Tech?

Smart Tech International is the leading provider of Global Positioning Systems (GPS) trackers in Barbados. Our trackers are different from the GPS on your dashboard or windshield that makes sure you don't get lost. The GPS trackers you'll find at Smart Tech shows you exactly where a vehicle, asset, or person is located. Most of Smart Tech International's customers are everyday people who have a reason to be suspicious and simply want clarity. Whether you want to track a family member, a partner, or see if your teen is driving above the speed limit, we have a GPS tracker than can help you.

How does GPS tracking work

GPS trackers read signals transmitted by satellites in Earth's orbit. They use these signals to triangulate their exact location; the more satellites they can detect at any given time, the more accurate the location data will be. Our trackers are typically accurate to within a few meters.

Trackers vary in how they process the location information. Loggers will store the location data to their internal memory to be retrieved by connecting the device to a computer later. Real-time trackers will transmit their location as it is received, usually by sending messages through a cellular data network.

Because real-time trackers use cellular communication to transmit data, there is a monthly subscription charge. Your paid subscription gives you access to an online tool that allows you to securely log in, much like you would on an online bank account and access the up to the minute data. At the same time, the tracking information is stored on a secure server for later retrieval. How long that data is stored on the service depends on the device. In most cases, you can generate a report and export the information to your computer.

Can I track a device that will sometimes be indoors?

GPS generally functions only when the device is outside. Some devices can back up to Assisted GPS, or AGPS, using cellular triangulation to provide a device's position. AGPS is not available on all devices, and is not as accurate as true GPS, sometimes being off by 300 feet or more.

Does the tracker monitor speed?

Yes, loggers and trackers can both provide speed reports. Some of these devices have motion sensors and track speed internally. Others measure the distance travelled between two location reports and extrapolate that data to provide speed.

Can I view tracking information remotely on my computer or smartphone?

Yes, Real-time GPS trackers let you sit at home, in your office, or on vacation and see the location of the vehicle or vehicles that are being tracked. You can access the activity anywhere you can access the Web, including on your smartphone.
GPS Fleet Tracking Systems save your business time, money, and help you manage your important assets including materials, employees, and vehicles. Fleet Tracking lets you effectively monitor and manage your entire fleet from a single computer. This helps businesses increase efficiency and decrease extraneous costs such as extra fuel or idle time.

Real-Time Location Updates And AVL Fleet Management GPS Tracking

• Built-In programmable rules allow for complete customization
• Auto Registration on power up
• Unlimited Real-Time Location Updates
• E-mail/Text Message Alerts
• Geofence Alert Notification
• Real-Time Reporting
• Panic Button For Emergency Situations