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Frequently asked question about home security.

Q: Do I need a home security system?
A: If you care about the safety of your family then the simple answer is a resounding yes! You do need a home security system. A burglar can steal your jewelry but a home invasion can go terribly wrong and end up with people getting hurt or killed. It is important to keep in mind that no home security system is fail-safe though. Home security systems can simply help to put the odds more in your favor. A home security monitoring solution may be just what you are looking for. The other option that you have is to buy your own equipment and do the installation yourself. For this, you can see our products and devices section.

Q: Why is a home security system so important?
A: The biggest and most obvious reason for having a home security system is that it can help make your dwelling safer for you as well as your family. Research shows that around 90% of burglars have stated that they would try avoiding a house that is protected by a home security system. Monitored security systems can also add value to your home and save you money on your homeowners' insurance premiums. Keep in mind that no security system available that is entirely burglar proof. However, having a monitored home security system can give you better odds and make your house a 300% decrease in the chance that it will be invaded or burglarized.

Q: What are your response procedures if the alarm goes off?
A: Once a signal is transmitted to the Central Monitoring Station it is verified to the premise, if appropriate verification is not received, the police or fire are dispatched and the customer's contact list is called. In the event of a Panic alarm or Duress Alarm we dispatch the police department first then call the customer's contact list.

Q: What happens if a burglar attempts to break a glass to enter the home?
A: most burglars don't want to deal with the noise that is caused by breaking glass. They also don't want to risk being injured by the shards. Some home security systems do come with glass breaking detectors. Some systems come with motion detectors so that it doesn't really matter how the burglar got into the house. Burglars usually enter through doors.

Q: Will my pet set off the alarm?
A: Most professionally monitored home security systems include pet friendly motion detectors. These motion detectors can usually be set to 40lbs or 80lbs, depending on the size of your pet. Your installer can usually help you test the effectiveness of the motion detecting devices in order to make sure that they are properly calibrated for your pet.

Q: Do I have to have a telephone line to have a security system?
A: In the event no telephone line is available, We have additional devices that can be used to transmit alarm signals.

Q: Will the alarm report to the central station if the phone line is cut?
A: No. The alarm system cannot communicate with the Central Monitoring station if the phone line is not available. A backup system or cell back up can be installed for this purpose.

Q: Will the system reset itself after an alarm?
A: The siren is programmed to stop after whatever time the installer has set. During Fire Alarms the siren does not silence until the panel is reset. Once the siren does silence the system is still armed and able to activate if another event happens

Q: Will my system still work during a power outage?
A: The battery will continue to operate the system until power is restored or the batteries are exhausted.

Q: Will the battery in the system need changing after a power outage?if yes,where would I be able to purchase a battery?
A: The batteries are designed to recharge after being drained. In the event the battery does not properly recharge a message will be displayed on the keypad. In this case the battery will need to be replaced.

Q: What does "Duress code mean?"
A: Duress codes should be used only when the system has to be disarmed under a "stressful" situation. When a "Duress" alarm is sent to the central station, police are immediately dispatched without alarm verification.

Q: What happens if I press the fire or panic alarm button on the keypad?
A: If you hold down the panic or fire alarm buttons on the keypad for 1 to 3 seconds, an alarm is transmitted to the central station, and emergency services are dispatched immediately. An alarm received in this manner cannot be canceled.

Q: Will the smoke detector work when system is disarmed?
A: Yes. It is not possible to turn off smoke detectors.

Q: How often should the alarm system be tested?
A: Your alarm should be tested once each month. Be sure to test each zone.

Q: How can I test my alarm system?
A: Call the Central Monitoring Station and request your account be placed on test. You will need your Pass Code. Arm your alarm and wait for exit time to expire. Now you may activate as many devices as you wish. Allow siren to sound for at least 30 seconds. Disarm the system; you will have a zone number displayed for each zone you activate. This same information should have been received by the Central Monitoring Station. In the event a zone does not appear, re-test the system. Each zone should be tested once each month.

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