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High-quality employee ID cards make it easy to see who should have access to your building. These ID cards also enable transactions and can perform a variety of other tasks that streamline processes.

With Smart Tech employee ID card systems, you can issue secure, durable employee badges that:

Control access to facilities, restricted areas or parking structures
Grant logical access to networks, databases and other IT systems
Track assets, inventory, and time and attendance
Build your brand and strengthen employee relationships

Because real-time trackers use cellular communication to transmit data, there is a monthly subscription charge. Your paid subscription gives you access to an online tool that allows you to securely log in, much like you would on an online bank account and access the up to the minute data. At the same time, the tracking information is stored on a secure server for later retrieval. How long that data is stored on the service depends on the device. In most cases, you can generate a report and export the information to your computer.


The security of your employees, facilities, networks and critical assets depends on advanced multi-application access control cards that can perform a wide range of tasks.

With Smart Tech security access control systems, you can issue secure, durable access control cards that:

Manage security access to physical door locks and logical networks
Increase employee convenience by serving many purposes simultaneously
Enable cashless transactions for cafeterias, vending and on-site stores
Integrate with existing access control infrastructure